iMovie HD - What’s New in iMovie HD 6

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What’s New in iMovie HD 6


Improved performance:

iMovie HD 6 harnesses the power of Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger

and QuickTime 7 to give you quicker effects rendering and pristine video quality.
Experiment with stunning new video effects and see the results instantly. From
importing footage to sharing your finished movie, iMovie HD is faster and more
responsive every step of the way.


Enhanced user interface:

The improved editing panes and controls in iMovie HD

make building and editing your movie easier than ever. You can even preview
transitions, titles, and effects live and in the large iMovie monitor to see exactly how
they’ll look in your movie.


Multiple open projects:

You can open more than one iMovie HD project at a time to

copy individual video and audio clips—or even a whole movie or a portion of a
movie—from one project to another. You can even open multiple versions of a
project to compare different “cuts.”


Apple-designed movie themes:

iMovie HD 6 makes it easier than ever to add

Hollywood-style polish to your movie. Just select the theme you want to use and
choose from its subset of titles and visual effects to get incredible-looking results.
Themes use advanced motioning and compositing that even combine your video
and photos with stunning backgrounds and animated graphics.


New audio enhancements:

Want to remove wind noise or camera hum? Adjust the

bass or treble in a particular video or audio clip? You can now use the graphic
equalizer in iMovie HD to change the levels of individual audio frequencies. You can
also change the pitch of your audio and add reverb, delay, and other audio effects to
make your movies sound better than ever.


Magic iMovie enhancements:

Performing magic with iMovie HD has never been

easier. Just use the “Magic iMovie” feature to have iMovie HD import your video and
make a great-looking movie for you. Now, with iMovie HD 6, you can choose
whether to have iMovie HD rewind your tape before import, and even specify the
moment you want it to stop capturing footage.


More flexible web publishing:

iMovie HD integrates key elements of iWeb, Apple’s

new web-publishing application, to give you more flexibility to present your movies
the way you want. Whether you choose to display your movie on its own webpage,
use it in a blog, or publish a video podcast made in iMovie, iWeb offers creative
options and allows you to easily put your movies on the web.


Even tighter iLife integration:

All your digital media—your songs and music, photos

and video clips—work together to create video slideshows and movies. From iMovie
HD 6, you can even compose a soundtrack for your movie project right in


Time lapse video:

The new time-lapse import feature in iMovie HD lets you show

the progression of an event (such as a blooming rose) in a fraction of the time it took
in real life.

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